My Life, My Bass

Today's Guest Blogger:    Regina Holm

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One day I sat there wondering
About the life in whole
The strangest thing happened
That really touched my soul

Nothing is coincidence
All that I tell is true
That my life can be compared
To a piece of wood and glue

The body of my violin bass
It's colour pure and light
A projection of the good days
That made my life so bright

Within the sunburst edges
Which seem so very dark
A reminder of the sorrow
Where life has left its mark

Just follow the subtle curves
They show the down and up
So with a content smile
I know I will come out on top

To look along the slimmest neck
Where life is song and play
The little frets that run across
Just tiny bumps along the way

The velvet of the tone itself
From this wonderful toy
It is hard to imagine
That it brings so much joy

For here are hidden depths
You hear the tone of darkest night
But contain at same time
Great warmth and pure delight

I even see the bridges still to cross
And yonder abyss at each side
Look at the bass and see
Life has nothing to hide

VOX T-60 & Höfner Violin Bass -- Picture by Heinrich Jansen


Whenever life is ever dark
As long as I keep my nerve
I will always come back on top again
Just like riding on the curve

My violin bass in my hands
Not only play the blues
But also any other tune
That happens to suit my moods

My lovely piece of wood and glue
So full of contradictions
Shows the dark and light of life
But there are no restrictions

For the joy that can be had
And all I'm really saying
All sorrows are soon forgot
As soon you start playing


  1. Regina, I just LOVE this!!! Thanks for posting Laura!

  2. I really like Regina's poetry. She's got some more up her sleeve, I'm sure!