In the Shadows

Today's Guest Blogger:
Regina Holm

It is the deepest darkest night,
Not even the stars are shining bright.
Walking down the street I come to a halt,
My common sense tells me to bolt.

Right up there in the highest tree,
Was there something I couldn't see?
The shadows seem so deep and dark.
Is someone there or is it bark?

Feeling uneasy I want to go,
My eyes are searching really slow,
A tiny flash of light
Really gives me a fright.

On a branch within the tree,
I see two eyes staring at me.
There is movement, the shadow grows.
Wings are spread out and my world slows.

Two big fangs twinkling as if alight.
I'm just about to scream in fright.
His face reflects a sparkling sheen
as he cries out, loud and mean:

Happy Halloween!

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