Poetry Thursday

Write A Poem
by L. M. Steel

Reach up and touch the sky and run delicate fingers through the stars
Watch as the world around you disappears
Look back and see through eyes from afar.

See busy streets and towns run around
The lives moving like insect drones in motion
Look and see you among the chaos
Lost in amongst the commotion

Try and find the place you lost your way
Where you walked in someone else’s shoes
When you were first infected with society,
and at what point you became confused.

You moved in step with the rest of life,
You followed in their shadows and footprints
You have become slow and automated; there are no moments, no incidents!

You just watched landscapes fly by instead of looking and seeing the beauty divine
You think about targets for tomorrow instead of just floating away in your own mind.

Think back and remember when a tree told a story
When a field of rolling heather was a legend
When you saw magic and mystery in everything
When you could just close your eyes and pretend.

Step back and find your lost dream
Reach out and grasp your imagination
Step out of the ordinary clear light of day and back into the haze of your own destination

For you have become lost on the direct path
Succumbed to the world, weary weak and tired.
So reach up and touch the stars and dream
Look and See and once again be Inspired!

L.M. Steel

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Everyone Has Their Secrets

Shay Works on the deli counter of a super market and lately there seems to be tensions between the counter girls that no-one wants to explain. Shay is pre-occupied with her own troubles though, you see Shay has a secret… She’s gay!
It’s 2009… what Shay thinks is the worst secret in the world, it turns out no-body’s really bothered about …except for the fact she’s married.
But Shay is then faced with something she was not prepared for…her friends have their own secrets, and one by one they all begin to learn about each other, with some shocking consequences…
An Alcoholic, An Adulterer, A Thief, A Racial Extremist and … A Paedophile???

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