Author Spotlight: ML Katz

Today ML Katz, author of Raft People, is here to talk about her novel, her new work-in-progress and to tell us a story!

Where did you get the idea to write an apocalyptic novel about seal level rises?

I had a lot of sources for inspiration. I read Stephen Baxter’s Flood and Ark which explored this idea. I also endured my share of Gulf Coast storms the past few years. Surviving and enduring the event, and the aftermath, makes you think about things. What if things were even worse, and what if it took even longer to get help? Would neighbors band together and help each other? 

When did you first start thinking about writing a novel?

I think I have wanted to write a novel since I was in first grade. I have always been an avid reader, and I tend to get drawn to science fiction, though I read a lot of other genres as well. Amazon, and other e-book distributors actually gave me the tools to live that dream in middle age.

Who helped you get started?

I started out in a very solitary and secretive way. I guess I just wanted to get it done before some random comment discouraged me. But I did have some close friends who unselfishly gave me their time to act as beta readers. In the end, I did engage a professional proofreader and editor, and I wish I had done it sooner, but I cannot turn back the clock.

Who would enjoy Raft People?

I think the book is suitable for most readers who enjoy family adventure stories or apocalyptic fiction. It is not a blood-and-gore book. There are moments of excitement, but most of it is about enduring and rising above the current situation in order to survive a crisis. I have had adult female and male readers tell me they stayed up well past their bedtime to finish it. I have had adolescents tell me it was not too boring. So, you know…..
Hopefully some of you will stop by the ML Katz Author Page on Amazon to learn more about my books.

So, here’s the hot question. Have you ever built a boat?

That is so funny. A lot of people read my descriptions and left reviews and comments that said I must know a lot about boat building. I did research the topic, but most of it came from my imagination. Please do not use my descriptions as your guide.

Where can we find you online? Do you have a blog?

Please visit me! is my author blog and it is a fictional website in the story. You can also learn more about my other published book, The Information Thieves, and my current work in progress.
I also run and These are resources for independent authors and readers. I would like to invite any authors or service providers to stop by and suggest guest posts too.

You’re a storyteller. Tell me a story in 100 words or less.

There was this middle aged, first time author who built a time machine and fixed the mistakes she had made as new author! She also went back in time and purchased some Apple stock in the 1980’s. Now she lives happily ever after. 

Do you have any advice for a budding writer?

If you possibly can, spend some money on a decent editor / proof-reader, plus get a nice cover. These things matter so much. I hate to see anybody have their talent and hard work wasted because of some very avoidable mistakes. At the least, get an educated friend to provide a second pair of eyes. It is very difficult to catch mistakes in your own story. In my opinion, getting through the first draft is the hardest part. Take criticism in the spirit that it was intended and try to make the best product you can!
Also, try to avoid taking yourself too seriously. When you do publish, you will become public property. Hopefully most people will have nice things to say about you, but you will not please everybody.

What are your goals for the coming year?

I would like to finish a fairly short horror novel I have been brooding over for quite some time. Then I have had an idea for a historical fiction/romance/fantasy story in my head for years, and I want to see if I can get the strength to begin it! I also need to dedicate more time to promoting Raft People more. I am making steady sales, and have enjoyed decent feedback, but I am not an extremely visible author. I need to change that. 

Here's the trailer for Raft People:

What Kind Of Novel Is Raft People?

A perfect storm of natural and man name events collude to make the world’s oceans much bigger and dry land a lot smaller. The old Gulf of Mexico turns into the new Sea of Mexico within months. The wealthy and powerful retreat to elaborate, high tech ocean habitats. The military struggles to cope with the rest of the threatened population, but their resources are quickly overwhelmed. Ordinary struggle to evacuate, but most are caught out on clogged roads with too few supplies.

A few thousand eccentric flood victims realize that their only hope is to float out. They become Raft People, hoping to survive on small or home made rafts, boats and other types of water craft. This story centers on the the recollections of Dr. Elizabeth Green, and some other members of her small group, as they can piece their story together fifteen years after the worst of the catastrophe.


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